The highest level of handball competition in Lithuania is comprised of three different leagues. The Lietuvos Rankinio Lyga (eng. Lithuanian Handball League) is the highest level of competition for men, while the Lietuvos Moterų Rankinio Lyga (eng.Lithuanian Women's Handball League) is the highest level of competition for women, and the Pirma Lyga (eng. First League) is the second highest level of competition for men.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
We live in a new era in which new generations seeking multi-screen experiences have disconnected from more traditional sports and are looking to stop being spectators of the world and become players.

Adapting and modifying the visual identity has become a vital matter in the sphere of Lithuanian handball in order to thrive in today's dynamic and digitally-driven landscape. As the sport evolves and new generations of fans and players emerge, the sport's identity must resonate with the modern audience.
The idea of creating and discovering a single visual object that would unite all three of Lithuania's top handball leagues was put forward in order to ensure the integrity of the visual identity of the Lithuanian handball leagues and thus bring the eye of the handball fan to a coherent, solid, and continuous content.


We set out on a mission to remake the Lithuanian handball leagues into a symbol of national pride and unity, with the idea that we would be changing more than just a sports league but a whole cultural phenomenon.

The revamped leagues are more than just a group of teams; they're a representation of who we are as a group, a symbol of the goals we have in common, and proof of what we can do when we work together. It is a stage upon which one can develop, shine, motivate, and leave an everlasting imprint on the very fabric of Lithuanian sports.

We set out to create a story that honours the greatness and strength of Lithuanian handball by going beyond the common perception of handball leagues as a collection of clubs and spectators.

We transformed Lithuanian Handball Leagues into a fascinating and influential brand. Our goal was to give the leagues a more universally appealing identity through a concerted effort to rebrand, increase fan participation, and forge new strategic alliances. We worked hard to make the Lithuanian Handball Leagues more than just a sporting event by creating engaging fan experiences and using cutting-edge marketing methods to raise the leagues profile locally, nationally, and internationally.


We used bold and captivating colours to gain wider recognition across all leagues that reflect the sport's intensity and dynamic. These colors not only fascinate spectators but also make the leagues stand out in the media, increasing visibility and making a lasting impression.

Our use of a modern sans-serif typeface promotes brand recognition and content production for the leagues. Its modern, sharp lines suit the evolving spirit of the sport. This typeface is adaptive, allowing for simple integration with a wide range of designs and fostering a consistent yet adaptable brand image.

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